Ordering a logo from Brand Designs is a quick and trouble-free process in four simple stages.

To receive a custom made logo to your requirements all you need do is follow the process show below.

Stage 1: Order & Payment

Firstly you decide which package you require, then complete the Order Briefing Form.

Upon receiving your order we will send you an email invoice which you pay online by Credit or Debit card using PayPal's secure payment facility

You choose a package

You complete
and submit the
Order Briefing Form

You receive invoice
and pay by Paypal

We receive your
Order Briefing Form
and send an you an email invoice

We receive

Stage 2: Initial Design

Upon receipt of the payment we will begin to use the information from the Order Briefing Form to create the initial logo designs. All our logos are custom made, we do not use pre-made logo software.

Within the time specified by your order we will send you an email containing the initial logo designs in a pdf file.

You view the logos and choose one design to develop further

We create a minimum of 10 initial logo designs and email them to you.

Stage 3: Satisfaction

You reply to the email indicating which design you wish to develop further and suggest changes to make to it.

We act upon your suggestions and send an email within 24hrs containing a pdf of revised logos. This process is repeated until you are fully satisfied with your logos design*

You reply to the email with suggestions.

You approve final logo design

We act upon your suggestions and email you the revisions.

This process is repeated until you are satisfied with you logo*

Stage 4: Delivery

You notify us using the online form when you are happy with your logo design and within 24hrs we send you a CD-Rom containing your logo in all the formats you will ever need.

You receive your completed logo

We output the finished logo in all the required formats and send the finished files to you

* Click here for details of our satisfaction guarantee